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These custom worlds are created by Worlds users with WorldsShaper, a tool that comes built-in to the WorldsPlayer client in versions later than World Chat Gold. However, you have to activate it.

To activate WorldsShaper, see here.

For more WorldsShaper guides, see here.

Index of Custom Worlds

Learn more about some assorted user-created worlds below. They are organized alphabetically by the Worlds name. The list is not exhaustive, but we hope to continue adding to the list.

If a world has GZ after it, it means that you are able to chat with other users that are in any Ground Zero hub.

For an index of default/official worlds, check out this page instead.

Contributors: if you don't see a page created for a world, or know the creator of a world with attribution Unknown, feel free to update the page yourself according to the Contribution Guidelines.

Name or Starting World Creator
A Walk Crystal_tongue
Ace's Ace-Warrior
Ace's GZ Ace-Warrior
Ace's September 11th Memorial AceUK
Aces and Eights Moya/Moyawolf
AceUK World AceUK
AEE Aquarium AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Aquarius GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Avatar Mall AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Campfire GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Esprit Wedding Chapel AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Fabric Lands AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Fantasia AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Graphics GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Halloween GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Hollywood Squares Game GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Ice Castle GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Infinity GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Imaginary's Memorial AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Jungle GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Medieval GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Meteor GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Pirate Ship GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Quilt World AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Remember Me GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Skullz Info GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Smurfs AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Space Poetry AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Twist N Shout GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Trivia GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Twister GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Valentine GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Village GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
AEE Xmas GZ AEE-Kath (AngelEyesEsprit)
Aerolee's Cave Aerolee
Aerolee's Lair Aerolee
Aero's Place Aerolee
Agnus Dei Harry_Potter
AHGZ World Jimbly
Akasha House Unknown
Alien Mystery Bilbo99
Alu World Sgeo
Anamanaguchi World Notendo
Area 51 World Batman11
Arena BeyondReality
Aussie Adventure ChicksBitz/Host-Boomerang
Aussie Adventure 2 ChicksBitz/Host-Boomerang
AV Workshop Blue_Knight
Avalon Unknown
Avatar Classroom JetJanitor
Avro's Atlantis Blue_Knight
Avro's GZ Junemoon56
Aztec Jungle BeyondReality
Bad's GZ Bad-Dude
Bad's Zoo Bad-Dude
Batcave Batman11
Beach GZ Jimbly
Beauty's Place Unknown
Beloved Dsparil
Beyond's Temple BeyondReality
Bilbo World Bilbo99
Bilbo's Animal House Bilbo99
Birthday GZ Unknown
BK Hideaway Blue_Knight
BlueKnightInfo Blue_Knight
BlueKnight's GZ Blue_Knight
BR's Halloween GZ BeyondReality
Busy Leslie31
Camalot Blue_Knight
Camp Pain RhapsodyBlue
Candy Land DinkyDoodles
Casino Erotic/Jimbly
Castaway Unknown
Castle Garden Concorde
Chess Unknown
Chocolate GZ LadyChatterly
Christmas Town Wolfe_Smurf
Cloud's Cabin Cloud
Cloud's Designs Cloud
City Life JetJanitor
Club Kiwi Crowsmold
Comedy World RubyRed
Country Heaven DinkyDoodles
Crabicus Void Wirlaburla
Cricket Unknown
Cute Maidy's GZ Maidy
Cyber's GZ Cyberjiggel0w
Damascus Cake1234566
Dinkles DinkyDoodles
Dinky's GZ DinkyDoodles
Dinky's Halloween DinkyDoodles
Dirk Memorial Tony KHz
Dodge City Bad-Dude
Dominatus Wolke
Doom GZ LadyChatterly
Doom I World Jimbly
Doom II GZ Jimbly
Drag Animal House LadyChatterly
Dungeon Bilbo99
Easter Egg Hunt GZ Jimbly
Easty's RWX World Easty58
Egyptian Wedding Northy
Final Destination JetJanitor
Firehouse Hellfighter356
Fleet Batman11/Host-Gio
Frustration Urotsuki
Gal World IsThisStatic
Gangster World Auldnick
Garden LadyChatterly
Garden FlamingStar
Glitchy Soccer Land Vervexx
GroundWave Snitchen
GZ clone with jump buttons Sgeo
Halloween Party Beach Softie
Halloween World Cake1234566, Sypha163 & Vein
Hard Rock GZ Jimbly
Host's Place Gio
Hot Cheetos Carbon281
Howl dosfox
Iad Adevar Sypha163
Jet's GZ JetJanitor
Jet's Space World JetJanitor
Jezzer's Custom Worlds Hub Jezzer
Jimbly's Avatar Gallery Jimbly
Jungle Fever Crow & Num_Lock
Kazoo Unknown
Sista Killer GZ Sistakilla
Kiltie's Castle KiLTy
Lady Chatterly's GZ LadyChatterly
Lady Meteor MadLady
Limey World (Photographics) Limey
Lost Kiwis dosfox
Lovely Sweet Dream Urotsuki
Luna's Avs lunamyst
Massage World Junemoon56
Meme GZ Wirlaburla
Memory Sypha163
MidnightSnacks' Spy Worlds MidnightSnacks
Minecraft Wirlaburla
Molly's World MollyMegs
Mugshots Jimbly
Mysterious World / MC Escher Zaphod-3D
Neidoos World Neidoos
Never Never Land Blue_Knight
New Garden Unknown
Nexus Cake1234566
Ninth Realm Whisper Near?
Nosferatu Dorian Grey
Pantella's Hideaway Pantella?
Pepsi's House VixenPepsi
Per-Heh & Associated Worlds Petohmi
Planet Bad Bad-Dude
Playtime Xedos
Polymatrix Moyawolf
Post-apocalyptic GZ Jimbly
Potters Village Harry Potter
Rahu 99th
Rave Cr0w
Rooftop Garden Camy
Rose Chapel LoneWolf
Sarn World Sypha163
Satans City SatansAngel & BakingHotDog
Scotty's Scotty
ScriptWisdom GZ & Cookout World ScriptWisdom
Shadows Whisper Near?
Shangri-La Softie
SirGemini GZ SirGemini
Sky Walk To Heaven Zeb
SmurfyWorld AceUK & Wolfe_Smurf
Softie's Night Beach GZ Softie & Jimbly
Spectrum Wolfee_Smurf, AEE-Kath, RainbowEyes
Stagnant Demesne Dsparil
Starship Nova_1
Street GZ Jimbly
Subway Jimbly
Tailspinners Penumbrax
The Bad Cave Bad-dude
The Chateau Jimbly
The Depot Apparition
Thera Harry_Potter
Tinker World pointedneedle
TimeQuake Num_lock
TK1 World Unknown
Tomb World Kazz
Train Knacken
Travel Jimbly
Uncanny Corner Maidy
Vortex Wirlaburla
VR Land Num_Lock
Waterworld Atlantis Num_Lock
Weddingstar Midnight-Star/Batman11
Worlds.cult Knacken
Yume Nikki Madotsuki's Room Dsparil