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Mugshots is a custom world made by Jimbly between 2005-2010 that showcases email-submitted pictures that get uploaded by Jimbly as long as they follow the guidelines set in the entry/room listing area. The rooms are a good representation of the kinds of users Worlds has hosted over the years, and may be considered as much of a visual timeline as anything else. There are 92 gallery rooms as of 6/28/2020 and that number is expected to drastically rise over the coming years. Visit the world to learn how to submit yours! This world is also connected to Street Gz at the door not next to the rules in the entry/room listing area.

Author: Jimbly

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: No


This world is very highly visited by users due to the fact that it is a place where they can post whatever kind of pictures they can think of. It is also somewhat of a timeline signifying the different kinds of users coming through over the years.


  • Entry/Room Listing Area
  • 92 gallery rooms as of 6/28/2020.

Image Gallery

2020-06-28 12 26 45-WorldsPlayer by - MugShots.png

The submission guidelines in Mugshots.

2020-06-28 12 30 41-WorldsPlayer by - MugShots2.png

The owner of Mugshots himself.

Worldsmark / URL

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