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Official Worlds Chat domains include,,,,,,,,,,, and

Only certain ones are still up, so if you get a "Forbidden" error message, you likely just need to be more specific with the URL, whether through Wayback Machine or by going to the right sub-domain. Below is a list of different pages you can visit that aren't going to give you a "Forbidden" error.

Official Sites

Worlds Website (Current)

Worlds Website (2012ish)

Worlds Online (re-branding, copyrighting, and developing new version of WorldsPlayer, 2011)

Worlds Website (2008ish)

Worlds Website (2001ish)

Worlds Website (1999ish)

Worlds Website (1996ish)

Third-party Sites

Worlds Chat Wikipedia

Worlds 3D Ultimate Chat Official Soundtrack

Worlds Chat Reddit

Thom Kidrin Youtube

Misc Sites and were also domains that Worlds purchased whenever it was working on an experimental client by the name of Cybersex Worlds. However, that separate client is no longer available to the public nor maintained.