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Fleet is a custom world by Batman11/Host-Gio that starts the user out in a ship harbor with many types of ships including a battleship and a submarine that can be explored. Fleet HQ can be found on the beach after walking along the boardwalk where once inside a user can find a lounge area, a command center, and an office.

Author: Batman11/Host-Gio

Turn on Music?: Yes

Upon entering the world users will be greeted by the sound of a ship whistle, and entering the submarine makes a funny noise!

Easter eggs?: No


This world is often toured by users for its impressive RWX ship models within and the good amount of exploration one can find within them.

Rooms (optional)

  • Boardwalk
  • Submarine Interior
  • Battleship Interior
  • Fleet HQ Front Room
  • Command Center
  • Office
  • Lounge Area
  • Beach Pool

Image Gallery

2020-06-23 16 04 16-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet.png Ships along the boardwalk in Fleet.

2020-06-23 16 05 35-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet2.png

The exterior of the battleship in Fleet.

2020-06-23 16 08 50-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet3.png

The control area in the submarine.

2020-06-23 16 10 43-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet4.png

The front room in Fleet HQ.

2020-06-23 16 11 19-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet5.png

The command center in Fleet.

2020-06-23 16 13 28-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet6.png

The beach pool in Fleet.

2020-06-23 16 15 08-WorldsPlayer by - Fleet7.png

The person browsing the forbidden page on the pictured computer has been relieved of their duty as of a few minutes after this photo was taken.

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