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Dungeon is a custom world made by Bilbo99 that is a dungeon set in a Hell-like environment that appears to primarily consist of demons and prisoners. There are many despicable acts to be witnessed within that we cannot share on this wiki, but it appears that people are not necessarily the highest in the caste within Dungeon. There are many wonderful sights to behold however, such as a garden, a pyramid, and even space!

Author: Bilbo99

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: No


This world is often toured by users for the strange atmosphere it provides, the well-made structures within and the interesting sights to be found throughout!


  • Dungeon Entrance
  • Hallways
  • Jail Cells
  • Evil Priests Chamber
  • Central Fountain Area
  • Upside Down Room
  • X Room
  • Garden Area
  • Choosing Point
  • Pyramid

Image Gallery

2020-06-22 18 39 57-WorldsPlayer by - Dungeon.png

The greeting knight in Dungeon.

2020-06-22 18 40 49-WorldsPlayer by - Dungeon2.png

An example of a cell room in Dungeon.

2020-06-22 18 42 39-WorldsPlayer by - Dungeon3.png

The central fountain area in Dungeon.

2020-06-22 18 43 37-WorldsPlayer by - Dungeon4.png

A path to an parallel universe Dungeon perhaps?

2020-06-22 18 45 23-WorldsPlayer by - Dungeon5.png

The garden rock monument in Dungeon.

2020-06-22 19 22 39-WorldsPlayer by - Dungeon7.png

The path to the pyramid in Dungeon.

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