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Doom I World is a custom world made by Jimbly between 2005-2010 that is a faithful recreation of E1M1 from the game Doom. The user must run through a hangar while encountering crazy demons from hell. This world however contains no way to fight each other, so they are merely friendly sights. Can you find the exit?

Author: Jimbly

Turn on Music?: No

There is no music in this world, which may or may not have been controversial.

Easter eggs?: Yes

If you click on a part of one of the walls it will reveal a secret path. Can you discover the secret area?


This world is often toured by users for being a faithful recreation of the first level of Doom.


  • Entrance Area
  • Stairs to Chest Armor Room
  • Hallways
  • Cacodemon Room
  • Secret Area
  • Imp Area
  • Exit Area

Image Gallery

2020-06-22 14 12 48-WorldsPlayer by - Doom5.png

The entrance area in Doom I World.

2020-06-22 14 13 13-WorldsPlayer by - Doom2.png

Grab the chest armor for extra protection!

2020-06-22 14 13 58-WorldsPlayer by - Doom3.png

The fierce Cacodemon of the computer room!

2020-06-22 14 14 32-WorldsPlayer by - Doom4.png

The Imp watches as users pass by!

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