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Damascus is a custom abstract world made by Cake1234566 that starts out with the user meeting the Golden Gatekeeper, who allows the user into their realm to explore the wonders within! There are many abstract landscapes within the world to witness. What will you discover within Damascus?

Author: Cake1234566

Turn on Music?: Yes

At the beginning, you can hear the power of the Golden Gatekeeper. Visit the world to find out what this sound is!

Easter eggs?: Yes

With adequate shaper wizardry, you can find places even the Golden Gatekeeper (probably) doesn't know about!


This world is very often visited by tourists that may wish to see worlds that are unique in appearance. Much pondering can be done within the artistry of this world as to what its existence may mean.

Rooms (optional)

  • The Gate
  • The Gathering Place
  • Square Dimension
  • Eyes Dimension
  • Red Land

Image Gallery

2020-06-22 10 46 24-WorldsPlayer by - Damascus.png

The Golden Gatekeeper of Damascus.

2020-06-22 10 47 28-WorldsPlayer by - Damascus.png

The gathering place in Damascus.
2020-06-22 10 53 08-WorldsPlayer by - Damascus3.png

What could one possibly discover through this portal?

2020-06-22 10 56 38-WorldsPlayer by - Damascus4.png

A structure in the distance, maybe that's the way out?

2020-06-22 11 04 04-WorldsPlayer by - Damascus5.png

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter.

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