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Crabicus Void is a custom world made by WirlaBurla in 2020 where the user finds themselves trapped in a void with a giant crab named Crabicus, and a window to WirlaBurla's clone. What secrets can you uncover about Crabicus?

Author: WirlaBurla

Turn on Music?: Yes

There is music that gives off a cosmic feel at the beginning, and sounds that play when you interact with the denizens of Crabicus Void.

Easter eggs?: No


  • The Void
  • WirlaBurla Clone's Field

Image Gallery

2020-06-21 14 45 27-WorldsPlayer by - Crab Void.png

The almighty Crabicus of Crabicus Void.

2020-06-21 20 12 14-WorldsPlayer by - Crab Void3.png

WirlaBurla's Clone in a field.

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