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Country Heaven is a custom world made by DinkyDoodles between 2005-2010 that consists of a building containing pictures of country music singers, animal pens, a stable, and a garden. There also appears to be an unfinished area that is Worlds Center's Sky Pod with no buildings.

Author: DinkyDoodles

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: No

Rooms (optional)

  • Outside Area
  • Main room
  • Garden
  • Stable
  • Animal Pens
  • Buildingless Sky Pod

Image Gallery

2020-06-21 14 13 00-WorldsPlayer by - CountryHeaven.png

The front of the building in Country Heaven.

2020-06-21 14 13 33-WorldsPlayer by - CountryHeaven2.png

The main room containing pictures of old country singers in Country Heaven.

2020-06-21 14 14 05-WorldsPlayer by - CountryHeaven3.png

The garden in Country Heaven with the golden gate as the entrance to the buildingless Sky Pod.

2020-06-21 14 15 12-WorldsPlayer by - CountryHeaven4.png

The horse enclosure in Country Heaven.

2020-06-21 14 16 45-WorldsPlayer by - CountryHeaven5.png

The animal pens in Country Heaven.

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