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Castle Garden is a custom world made by Concorde that is inspired by medieval castles and contains many finely built rooms such as a Christmas Room, a well-designed kitchen, and an devilish torture chamber. Many of the avatars have messages to see when clicked on and may be important for getting around the castle at some points.

Author: Concorde

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: Yes

Walk into a bathtub for a bubble bath!


This world is often toured by users due to the christmas room, the messages that trigger when you click on avatars, and the torture chamber with a pit of fire.


  • Garden Area
  • Christmas Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedrooms
  • Ramp to Hell
  • Torture Chamber

Image Gallery

2020-06-19 18 24 31-WorldsPlayer by - CastleGarden.png

The garden area in Castle Garden.

2020-06-19 18 32 11-WorldsPlayer by - CastleGarden6.png

The kitchen in Castle Garden.

2020-06-19 18 27 03-WorldsPlayer by - CastleGarden3.png

The devilish lord of the torture chamber arising from the pit of hell.

2020-06-19 18 28 31-WorldsPlayer by - CastleGarden4.png

The Christmas Room of Castle Garden.

2020-06-19 18 29 27-WorldsPlayer by - CastleGarden5.png

One of the bedrooms in Castle Garden.

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