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Candy Land is an expansively reconstructed version of Garden Pod by DinkyDoodles that is inspired by the board game Candy Land, and has many paths leading to several different checkpoints, eventually leading to the Candy Castle and going into the back room leads to a train depot that connects to Dinky's GZ, Country Heaven, Doodleworld, and Wolfes GZ.

Author: DinkyDoodles

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: No


This world is toured frequently by users due to the name of the world and the many paths to several locations that it contains.


  • Starting Area
  • Various Candy paths
  • Gumdrop Mountain
  • Dinky's Peanut Brittle House
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Lollipop Hut
  • Rainbow Trail
  • Molasses Swamp
  • Candy Cane Hut
  • Grandma's Gingerbread House
  • Candy Castle
  • Underground Chocolate River
  • Candyland Train Depot

Image Gallery

2020-06-19 11 20 17-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand.png

On the way to Candy Land.

2020-06-19 11 22 44-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand4.png

The Candy Land sign in Candy Land.

2020-06-19 11 23 45-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand6.png

Naruto gingerbread wall in Candy Land, that is genuinely on this world in the first place.

2020-06-19 11 38 00-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand9.png

Inside of the ice cream parlor in Candy Land.

2020-06-19 11 39 24-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand10.png

The front of Candyland Castle.

2020-06-19 11 39 56-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand11.png

The foyer of Candyland Castle.

2020-06-19 11 42 30-WorldsPlayer by - CandyLand12.png

The Candyland Train Depot that leads to other worlds.

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