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Camp Pain is a reconstruction of Animal House by RhapsodyBlue that is reminiscent of various forest campgrounds in North America. It contains all types of wonderful Rwx models, mainly wildlife and camping related. The world also hosts a shop with even more great Rwx models within, such as a fantastically-made popular fisherman known as Pete.

Author: RhapsodyBlue

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: No


This world is a popular tour destination mainly for the astounding Rwx work found around the campground and within the shop.


  • Camping Area
  • Avatar galleries
  • Shop/Living Room
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Pinball Hall

Image Gallery

2020-06-19 10 45 29-WorldsPlayer by - CampAnimalHouse.png

The front of the Bait/beer shop in Camp Pain.

2020-06-19 10 46 09-WorldsPlayer by - CampAnimalHouse2.png

The pond in Camp Pain.

2020-06-19 10 47 41-WorldsPlayer by - CampAnimalHouse3.png

The camping area in Camp Pain.

2020-06-19 10 48 41-WorldsPlayer by - CampAnimalHouse4.png

The shop/living room area with Camp Pain's famous Pete sitting by the front door.

2020-06-19 10 49 59-WorldsPlayer by - CampAnimalHouse5.png

Who could have the high score?

2020-06-19 11 12 04-WorldsPlayer by - CampAnimalHouse6.png

The Rwx model legend himself.

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