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Bilbo's Animal House is an reconstruction of Animal House made by Bilbo99 that appears to consist of various ideas Bilbo had for a world. There is a bar called The Highlander that has a Scottish theme, and an unicorn picture that when entered takes you on a scripted journey through an underwater mermaid society and eventually has you ending up in a giant UFO with a group of women dancing on a stage to Martha and the Muffin's "Echo Beach".

Author: Bilbo99

Turn on Music?: Yes

Entering the big UFO above the lake will begin playing Martha and the Muffin's "Echo Beach" while women on a stage begin dancing to it.

Easter eggs?: No


This world is interesting in that it has the user go through a scripted sequence of movements, in particular showing an underwater mermaid society and eventually being bought on a giant UFO where women dance to a "Echo Beach". Bilbo's Animal House is one of the only worlds that showcases this type of movement.

Rooms (optional)

  • Main Area
  • Highlander Bar
  • Basement
  • Bathrooms
  • Underwater Pathways
  • Giant UFO.

Image Gallery

2020-06-18 22 46 55-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse.png

The main area of Bilbo's Animal House.

2020-06-18 22 49 26-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse3.png

The outside of The Highlander in Bilbo's Animal House.
2020-06-18 22 52 34-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse5.png

The Scottish themed bar in The Highlander.

2020-06-18 22 48 31-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse2.png

An peeper attempting to get an extensive gaze into parts unknown.

2020-06-18 22 51 14-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse4.png

The big UFO in the distance.

2020-06-18 22 58 05-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse8.png

Getting abducted by a smaller UFO!

2020-06-18 22 57 01-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse7.png

Underwater mermaid society in Bilbo's Animal House.

2020-06-18 22 53 24-WorldsPlayer by - BilboAnimalHouse6.png

Women dancing in the big UFO in Bilbo's Animal House.

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