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Beyond's Temple is a custom world made by BeyondReality that appears to be inspired by Greek Architecture, containing a couple of Greek Temples and an area hosting statues.

Author: BeyondReality

Turn on Music?: No

Easter eggs?: No


This world is highly toured by users, mainly due to the impressive Greek Architecture built in the world!


  • Entrance
  • Greek Temple
  • Statue Area

Image Gallery

2020-06-18 22 03 35-WorldsPlayer by - BeyondTemple.png

Entry temple for Beyond's Temple.

2020-06-18 22 04 19-WorldsPlayer by - BeyondTemple2.png

Central Greek Temple in Beyond's Temple.

2020-06-18 22 05 34-WorldsPlayer by - BeyondTemple3.png

Entrance to the statue area in Beyond's Temple.

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