Worlds Chat Wiki

Getting Started

What is it?

Worlds Chat is a 3D chat platform that was launched in 1995 by Worlds Inc, less than 6 months since VRML was released. Worlds Chat can run on the most basic of computers, and it is still visited by many people today. Learn more about the history of Worlds Chat here.


To create an account and log onto Worlds Chat, you need to download the WorldsPlayer application.

Exploring WorldsPlayer Features


Perhaps one day we'll have the Basics tutorial hosted directly here, but why duplicate labor when some awesome people have already put together some guides for us? Plus, you'll start to learn the Worlds names of some creative and passionate people from the Worlds community.


Remember to turn on the music!

Click on Options > Music...> Check-mark Use BGM if CD is absent:

Use worlds BGM if CD is absent.png


New Worlds users start with VIP status for a short period of time. VIP status gives you more avatar customization options. If you'd like to extend your VIP status, you can pay for it or earn VIP membership by participating in events!

Best Practices

  • Run Worlds as administrator.
  • Visit all worlds on the Universe Map and download them if applicable. This helps with loading textures in user-created worlds.
  • Delete the cachedir folder in your Worlds install directory weekly (with the client closed). NOTE: This may cause a lag loading textures on your next visit, but it will only be at first.



You can customize how your WorldsPlayer User Interface looks like using any of the themes below. Remember to back up / save your original files often.

WorldsShaper aka Shaper

Shaper is fun, but it is to be used at your own risk. Remember to back up / save your original files often.